Disaster Response

Too often private clients and corporations do not heed national weather warnings resulting in high loss of resources and assets, stranded personnel exposed to the elements, or worse: total loss of life.

We believe in a proactive approach to safeguarding lives and assets by offering pre-disaster extraction capabilities designed to remove your people and assets as the disaster is approaching.  If personnel need to remain in place, our teams can deliver life sustainment aid to support your people hunkering down to weather the incoming disaster.

If mother nature does unleash her fury, her wraith can be devastating, but it’s what follows that will require immediate attention.  By this time grocery stores will be out of food and water, gas stations will be out of fuel, and homes and businesses will likely have no power or water.  Unless these items are restored within a few days, social and civil unrest will set in.  Looting will happen nearly immediately and a total breakdown of law will occur.

During these times, our teams can:

  • Secure large country estates or city dwellings whether owners are presently occupying or not.
  • Secure multiple site corporations such as hotels, factories, store fronts, etc.
  • Facilitate safe and secure extraction from residences or businesses.
  • Supply residences or businesses with life sustaining relief aid.
disaster response