natural disaster security

Security for when disaster strikes

Too often, individuals and businesses do not heed weather or travel security alerts, resulting in an incredible loss of resources and assets, or worse – total loss of life.

At Hyperion, we believe in a proactive approach to safeguarding your life and assets by offering emergency and disaster security services regardless of how difficult the environment or extreme the circumstances.

Whether you need emergency security services after a devastating natural disaster or need an extraction from an active war zone, we provide top-tier security teams anywhere in the world.

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Prevent a disaster from becoming a catastrophe

Whether they’re caused by mother nature or man, your safety and security during a disaster situation can devolve rapidly. Basic needs such as food and water as well as other critical resources and life-sustaining supplies rapidly deplete in a matter of days.

No matter where in the world you are, we can respond.

Hyperion security teams can:

  • Secure large country estates or city dwellings
  • Secure businesses and multi-site facilities such as hotels, factories, warehouses, store fronts, etc.
  • Provide secure, armed extractions of personnel from disaster-stricken zones or countries
  • Provide secure, armed insertions and transport of personnel into disaster or high-threat conflict zones
  • Conduct damage assessments of residential properties, businesses, factories, ports or airfields in disaster or conflict zones
  • Provide armed transport and delivery of life-sustainment supplies to residences, businesses, or critical facilities that cannot shutdown or evacuate its personnel or are otherwise cut off from supply chains

Costs for Disaster Response Services

US Security Agents

For American Disaster Response agents, the cost may range from $1,000 – $2,000* (USD) per day, per agent within the US, Canada and parts of Europe and Asia.

Rates of $1,200 – $3,000* (USD) per agent, per day can be expected within Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Europe and Asia.

Local National Support

If local nationals are needed to support an operation, costs for local national support may range between $500 – $900* (USD) per day, per agent.

*Major factors affecting these cost ranges include: primary residential location, political climate, active war zones, unrest, terrorist activity, developing nations, and nature of the threat towards the client.
Cost ranges only encompass the cost for labor.
Additional costs such as expenses may be incurred (i.e. flights, lodging, rental vehicles, meals, and other operationally-related equipment) are billed to the client as direct pass-through costs.

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