Active Shooter Response

Train as you Act, Act as you Train.  It’s very important to understand the importance of training as it pertains to Active Shooter.  People naturally do not rise to the level of their expectations, rather they fall on the level of their training.

  • In the past decade, nearly half of all the Active Shooter incidents in America have taken place in a commercial or corporate work place, while nearly one fifth have occurred in a school.
  • In 2019 alone there were more mass shootings nation wide than days in the year.

Active Shooter Training

Having an Active Shooter Training program implemented and instructed with SOP deliverables is critical to keeping your employees and staff members safe.

With training programs capable of handling small, medium, and large classroom sized classes, auditoriums, and practical exercises we are able to build out a solution customizable to your needs.  Our program instructors are university curriculum trained in accordance with Department of Homeland Security standards for Active Shooter.

Coming from elite backgrounds as former US military Special Ops and special law enforcement officers with OSHA degrees and certifications, these instructors through our program will ensure that your employees receive the knowledge and training to greatly improve their survivability in the event of an Active Shooter.

For increased survivability our instructors can also teach Tactical Combat Casualty Care or TCCC.  TCCC is the standard for pre-hospital battlefield medicine and is currently taught to all US military Special Operations forces.

This is preferred block of instruction is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as it greatly empowers your employees to be able to apply self aid and buddy aid in the event that critical life saving techniques are needed until trained professionals arrive on scene.  This training is crucial as it pertains to extending, prolonging, and safeguarding life.

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