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Leave no gap in your global security coverage

Whether on land, sea or in the air, we handle security in any environment on the planet.

  • Your security team consists of elite security operators with armed and unarmed experience in high-threat environments on every continent
  • Get an operational support team with a high degree of experience coordinating security and all logistics, including working with FBOs
  • Access vetted security agents with any level of security clearance you need for your mission*

* US-cleared professionals are only for organizations cleared to work with the US Government.
Security operators with clearances granted from other nations are also available upon request.

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Get Access to Highly-Specialized Security Capabilities

Complex or high-threat operations require much more than just a low-level security guard or bodyguard. The world’s most elite and seasoned security operators protect government diplomats and sensitive facilities, ultra-high net worth individuals and corporate executives in austere, unconventional environments all around the globe. Operations like these require teams with a combination of specialized skill sets that are extremely difficult to source but are critical to accomplish the security mission.

This is where Hyperion excels.

Our security advisors will help you put together a plan for exactly what you need.

Elite security operators with US Special Operations and/or US military combat arms backgrounds

Seasoned executive protection agents with experience protecting ultra-high net worth individuals

Maritime security operators with real-world experience in anti-piracy ship security operations

Field operators with specialized tradecraft such as designated marksmen (snipers), tactical paramedics, drone operators, divers and linguists with experience in austere environments

global security

Bespoke Security Solutions and Services

No matter what type of security solution you need, we guarantee a security team will deploy and be on the ground to support you within 24-48 hours anywhere in the world. To get an idea for what you may need, explore the various Tiers of service below.

1 simultaneous location for partial-day coverage (up to 12 hrs/day).

Tier 6 security operations include penetration testing, surveillance / counter-surveillance and advance operations. Certain static security operations also fall under the Tier 6 category.

Covered locations: Anywhere in the US or Canada

1 simultaneous location for 24-hour coverage.

Tier 5 security operations are the most common and cover the widest spectrum of security operations that require 24/7 coverage for a single individual or location. This includes executive protection operations requiring small-scale mobile security.

Covered locations: All Tier 6 locations, plus Mexico, Latin America, the Caribbean and Western Europe**

1 simultaneous location for 24-hour coverage.

Tier 4 security operations are appropriate for executive protection of a single individual, small corporate team or group with more complex needs that require additional coordination with local assets or authorities. Residential and certain corporate security operations are covered under this Tier.

Covered locations: All Tier 5 locations, plus South America, Eastern Europe and Australia / Oceania**

1-2 simultaneous locations for 24-hour coverage.

Building on Tier 4, Tier 3 security operations are for situations that may require tandem coverage of up to 2 site locations. Most kidnap prevention and maritime security operations are covered under this Tier.

Covered locations: All Tier 4 locations, East and South Asia**

Up to 2 locations for 24-hour coverage.

Tier 2 operations either require a large security team or they require highly-specialized assets and equipment to accomplish the security mission. Specialized executive protection missions and most event security services fall under this Tier.

Covered locations: All Tier 3 locations, Western & Southern Africa and Central Asia**

Up to 3 locations for 24-hour coverage.

Building on Tier 2, Tier 1 covers highly complex executive protection or high-profile event security operations that require a specialized security detail composed of unique skill sets (i.e. medics, translators, snipers, divers, etc.) or that require heavy personnel and logistical coverage in multiple tandem locations around the clock.

Covered locations: Global**

** See our Security Service Tiers for details on covered locations

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Consult with a Security Advisor

Speak to one of our security advisors to develop a custom security plan for your needs